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How to takes measures for curtains?

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Measurement of curtains
Type of curtain

Firstly, decide on which type of curtains you want to have. The choice can be done amongst floor-length formal drapes, café curtains, or informal tab-tops.


Now, fix the length where you want to place your curtain rod. You could either have it six inches above the window or doorframe or a little higher or lower than that. This add your personal styling and choice to it.

Amount of coverage you want

The next thing that has to be considered to get the right measurement for curtains is the amount of coverage you want. This can be based on how much light or air passage you want to leave through the curtains.

Privacy portion

You can also consider the privacy portion for this. Generally, the measurements are kept at six inches above the window or door and two to three inches on sides and bottom.


Now, use a measuring tape to get the right measurements of the door and window for which your want the curtain, after you have decided the exact measurements for all the sides. These measurements are to be multiplied by 1.5 and then added to another 20 cm to get the right length of fabric required to make the right size of curtains after subtracting the length of hemming to be done on it.

Write these measurements on a piece of paper and take them with you when go to shop for the fabric of the curtains. You can ask the salesperson to cut the fabric according to those measurements. If you want, you can buy some extra inches in order to have some spare in case of cutting errors. Of course, you must have already chosen the fabric, either silk curtains, linen curtains, even lace curtain.
Measuring for curtains
Measurements may vary due to the type of measuring tape used for it. In order to avoid any confusion, always use a standard measuring tape. You can also try to stitch the curtains yourself to give a personal touch and style to it.

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