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Tips for good housekeeping

© james.thompson (Flickr) Housing
© james.thompson (Flickr)

It isn’t easy to maintain a spotless home. However, individuals can focus on getting their home neat and clean with the right home organisation tools and tips.

Keeping each item in a specific place

The first step in maintaining a neat and clean home is to ensure that everything has a place.

Finding a drawer, counter, cupboard, or closet for certain items is a critical step in keeping a home clean and organised.

Get the most difficult tasks done

Another common household tip is to tackle the most difficult and dirtiest areas of the home first.

In most cases, these rooms include the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms have a tendency to accumulate germs and clutter, so many cleaning professionals recommend handling these rooms first.

Creating a housecleaning schedule

In some cases, a person’s housecleaning chores can build up over time and keep them forever in debt to unfinished chores. Creating a monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule can help a person better manage the time spent on chores.

Family involvement in the household cleaning

Getting family members to help with chores can also be a tremendous help. According to a study released by UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, more women carry the burden of household chores than men. Women spend about 33% of their energy each day on household chores, compared with 20% for men. Encourage family members to participate in housecleaning activities.

The biggest step to having a clean home is to dispel myths that a home must be immaculate at all times. Despite how many hours a person spends on their home, it isn’t always possible or reasonable for the home to be perfectly clean.

In the book, The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitised History, the author examines how many people hold to the belief that they must keep their homes and bodies immaculate at all times. These types of beliefs can create an obsession with cleanliness to the point of absurdity.

Fortunately, a clean home doesn’t necessarily mean that a home must be spotless. Creating a home that is well organised, safe, and healthy is a great goal.

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