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How to make patterns?

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What you will need
1) The material:
French curve, pen, paper pad, measuring tape
L-square and a pattern paper.
2) The steps
You must first draw a set of perpendicular line on the pattern paper as the base of the pattern.

A vertical line close to the edge and draw horizontal line fully across the page.
Measure the length from your throat to waistline properly and draw them on the two perpendicular lines on your pattern paper. Make sure to mark it well and you could extend the measurement a little bit in case of any wrong measurement, especially if you doing this by yourself.

You need to measure the shoulder seam to the naval as the front line. Mark and draw this line with the perpendicular lines.
Now, you also need to measure the shoulder edge by measuring it starting from the center point. Then make another vertical line as the shoulder edge.
Now you need to measure your chest and waist as the side seam. Add this into your drawing near the center on your pattern paper.
Then, draw a line between the chest and waist line on the pattern paper vertically.
Finally, you need to connect the side front line with the center line of the neck and arm. You could complete this process by using a French curve.
Then, all you have to do is cut the pattern and it is ready to be use. Conclusion
Final word
In my opinion, it is better for you to increase the measurement a little bit if you are doing this by yourself to avoid a too tight pattern.

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