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Choosing the right curtains for your home

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Take time to select the ideal curtain treatment

There is no end to the different varieties of treatments or finishing touches available when it comes to selecting curtains. With multitude of options in terms of fabrics and styles on offer, the key to choosing the right curtains is to research well and employ a methodical approach.

Shape, size and style of window

Take into consideration the dimensions and style of the window and also your purpose of using the curtains. Decide on whether these are to serve simply the decorative aspects or to be used for keeping out drafts.

This point will help you to decide on the type of fabric you want – thick ones or delicate and stylish drapes.

You can select the fabric when you are aware of the right length as well as width for your curtains. You need to be particularly careful about fittings and correct fabric selection for tab headed curtains to prevent sagging, shrinking or stretching.

Room proportions

Think about your room size and whether you want your curtains to convey a subtle and understated elegance or want these to be the focal point.

Unlined curtains have less maintenance hassles and are a practical option in kitchen or a playroom.

Lined curtains offer better insulation and drape well. If the room size is small, use lighter colored curtains to give an illusion of space. On the contrary, if the room is large, give it a cozy feel with a darker colour. Choose curtain colours in synchronisatoin with the colour and the theme of the room.

The options for window curtains are endless – blinds, sheers and many more. Research well into the different options across the internet and get the dream look for your home.

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