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MotoGP Sepang Test: Vitto Guareschi talks about his Day (w/video)

Since everyone is desperate after such a long winter (it’s still winter and freezing here in Europe) for some sort of MotoGP news, even the light stuff, we’ve decided to translate Vittoriano Guareschi’s video interview with Gpone after today’s test rider day at Sepang.

Gpone: How did your day go as a test rider?VG: The bikes were okay, I even tested Kallio’s, Espargaro and Barbera’s bikes.

I did all ten of the Ducati bikes that we brought to Malaysia.
Everthing went fine, it was just to check out that everything was okay so the riders won’t waste time tomorrow.

Everything was perfect, but we took five hours to do 10 bikes because it takes time to fix everything.
The begining was good.
Gpone: You’ve finished your day as a test rider and tomorrow you’ll be the team manager …VG: Tomorrow we start working seriously… today they say it was only for fun.
Today I did what comes natural to me, riding bikes and having fun.
It’s the first time that I’ve seriously lapped here at Sepang and I have to say that the track is really fun, difficult, but fun.

Tomorrow we’ll see … tomorrow I’ll officially begin my job.
Today we’ve already had a meeting with Nicky and we’ve decided our ‘battle plans’ for tomorrow, … then we’ll see.
Gpone: Do you prefer being a test rider or are you more curious in being a team manager?VG: No, I don’t have any regrets, I don’t think I’m going to stop riding, I’m going to continue to do what I’ve done so far, with less frequency, but this won’t be the last time, I’m pretty sure about this.
Instead I’m really anxious to start this new job because I need to practice and get into this role and these next three tests before the championship starts, are important for me too.
Gpone: You were on track today with Honda’s and Yamaha’s test riders, did you get a chance to see them up close?No … I only saw one of Yamaha’s test riders who was on the opposite side of the straight when I was passing, we were probably posting the same times, but the only other thing I saw was the black lines they were leaving on the track with their tires.

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