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Fiat Powertrain: 1.9 JTD Twin Stage Turbo with 100 hp/liter

Fiat Powertrain has announced its new 1.
9 JTD Twin Stage Turbo engine, a diesel engine that can comply with Euro 5 regulations with a specific power output of up to 100 PS/liter.
The 1.
9 JTD Twin Stage Turbo (TST) engine derives from the 1.

9 JTD already in use on many Fiat and GM models.

The new engine will be available in two power steps, one with 180 PS, the other with 190 PS (at 4,000 rpm), both with a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

The first one, which will be also available for clients outside Fiat Group, will be in production by july 2007, the other will be available by june 2008.
In the image gallery of the 1.
9 JTD TST engine you can find some photos, technical details and the power curves.
Below the fold you can find the full text of the Fiat Powertrain press release (also in pdf).
Also available is a pdf with technical details.
The 1.
9 JTD TWIN STAGE TURBO is the latest development within the FPT Diesel Family with a specific power close to 100 HP/l.
This engine has been developed with the target to add to FPT Diesel portfolio an engine with high power & torque density, excellent low-end-torque and already capable to meet the future Euro 5 emission standards.

Based on the current 1.
9 JTD 16v engine, the engine will be available in two versions: 180 HP @ 4000 rpm 190 HP @ 4000 rpm both with 400 Nm torque @ 2000 rpm.
The engine will be sold to both captive and non-captive customers, with the higher power output reserved to FGA applications.
The low-end-torque has been improved by 50%, with 300 Nm available already from 1250 rpm.
These outstanding performances have been achieved basically through the introduction of an advanced charging technology, such as the Two Stage Turbocharger, together with proper design changes, to increase the thermo-structural resistance with increased peak cylinder pressure (up to 180 bar) and exhaust gas temperature (up to 800 deg.
The Two Stage Turbo (TST) technology allows to remove the usual constraints that the engineers have to face when the size of the turbocharger must be selected, that usually means to accept a compromise between power and low-end-torque.
With TST we have a small turbocharger operating at low rpm for optimal low-end-torque and response from low vehicle speed.
This small turbo is passed when the required power output increases and a second turbocharger with higher size comes into operation.
Besides the improvement of overall performances, the TST technology allows increasing the EGR rate without penalties on fuel consumption and therefore gives a relevant contribution towards NOx emission reduction.
The engine has been designed to comply with Euro 5 emission standards.
This target has been achieved thanks to: reduction of the CR from 17.
5 to 16.
5 and adoption of low-voltage metallic glow plugs improved EGR cooler (with by-pass) and EGR valve adoption on Lambda sensor with DPF new design of inlet ducts.
As far as start of production, the 180 HP version is forecast in July this year; the 190 HP version is forecast in June 2008.
THE PLANT The new engine is produced, as the other “Family B” engines, in the FPT plant of Pratola Serra, in the Avellino province.
Created from “green field”, the plant started its production activities in 1993 and has a yearly production capacity of 600.
000 engines.
At Pratola Serra both gasoline (1.
6 16v, 1.
8 16v, 2.
0 16v, 2.
0 20v, 2.
4 20v) and diesel engines (1.
9 8v JTD, 1.
9 16v JTD, 2.
4 20v JTD) are produced.
The plant has been awarded important international recognitions, such as ISO 9002, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949, but above all the Excellence in Consistent 1st Category, which represents a coveted recognition as far TPM Commitment as Preventive Maintenance and stands for the high level of excellence of the plant and its products.
In Pratola Serra are currently working some 1700 employees, with a quite low average age of 33 years.

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