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Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary in Rome: here are the best bikes /gallery

The “Rome 110th Anniversary Event“, the European celebrations for the 110th birthday of HarleyDavidson, took place this last weekend in Rome, and no doubt it’s been a success, with various initiatives such as parades, concerts, blessings, meetings with the big guys of the H-D management and so forth.

The dense and highly organized schedule arranged by the organization left very little breathing space to the H-D hordes of fans who came from every corner of the world to invade the Italian Capital and celebrate in style their beloved ’supplier of freedom’, a feeling that most riders out there – even those who aren’t self-professed fans of the American brand – can easily relate to.

The only constant element in all of that was of course the presence of the real stars of this massive party, the HarleyDavidson motorcycles, which haunted the Eternal City for four days and cold be seen shining basically everywhere in town.
There were however two of ‘hot spots’, the so-called ‘HarleyDavidson Villages’ set up at the ​the Foro Italico (where all the Olympic facilities of the Italian Capital are, meaning the stadium, pools, tennis courts and the likes) and the other one at the Porto of Ostia, on the Roman seaside, where the members of the various HOG Chapters (Harley Owners Group, the largest association of motorcycles owners in the world) flocked together to keep the party going.

However, ‘regular’ motorcycle enthusiasts and the usual ‘curious’ crowd did now want to miss this huge party either.
There were tens of thousands of Harleys in Rome – and, as it always happens in H-D gatherings, it was almost impossible to find two alike – and walking throughout the Harley Villages, our mates from twin site Motoblog.
it got the chance to take a few pictures of the best ones: some of them were awarded for their ‘artistic value’ at the local Custom Bike Show, some others were simply sighted in the parking lots and surrounding areas, but given the high number of Harleys around, we are sure there were many other of equal value that we could not ‘catch’ in our photo gallery.
What is your favorite?

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