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Monster Energy, brolly girls, Rossi and Schumacher and the Le Mans GP

It was Alex de Angelis who probably best described the wild atmosphere off track at Le Mans like the Mugello, only scarier, but since it was Monster Energy hosting the Grand Prix de France event, the energy drink company made the most of it as you can tell from the video.

The riders sponsored by Monster Energy did their PR duties posing with the hot and sexy Monster brolly girls (which must have been a real pain for riders) and F1 star Michael Schumacher was also present and did a burnout, thinking about those two retirement years when he tried his hand a motorcycle racing for German Holzhauer Racing Team and did the 8 Hours of Oschersleben and his crash during a testing session at the Cartagena circuit in Spain in 2009 when he wanted to take part IDM German Superbike Championship.
Enjoy the video because it also includes some great highlights from the races.

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