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Honda U3-X video: future city transport

24 April, 2020
The Honda U3-X looks just like the kind of contraption I could fall off without too much effort. It’s an intriguing concept however, half segway, half….electric motorcycle? The U3-X seems to work via the sitting weight transfer of the passenger,…

Ducati Desmosound ringtones now available

16 April, 2020
Hardcore Ducati fans are in for a treat, because if you’ve got one of their motorcycles, their clothing, their perfume, their Satellite U500 Ducati Toshiba laptop, or any other Ducati branded items, you can now get ringtones for your cell…

Valentino Rossi Bicycle Collection

16 April, 2020
The fact that the 8 times World Champion, Valentino Rossi is a virtual gold mine when it comes to endorsements is a well known, besides all his VR46 tagged merchandise that includes T-shirt, caps, cell phone covers and lately even…

Map my India builds radio GPS for motorcycles

15 April, 2020
A specific GPS for motorcycles, called Trailblazer, has been developed by Map my India for Indian motorcycle riders. The Trailblazer unit uses FM radio technology, rather than Bluetooth, to communicate to the rider.While this may seem like a step backwards…

Marco Simoncelli among the Neapolitan Christmas creche figures

15 April, 2020
In the street of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples you can find the traditional “mercatino dei pastori” (shepherds’ market) where detailed models of creche figures have been handcrafted by skillful artists to the delight of Italians and visitors from around…

Linear Edge: Putting a Circuit on Your Wall

12 April, 2020
Linear Edge’s track maps could be an interesting idea the family house or office or simply a gift idea for the racing enthusiast. Linear Edge produces track maps from all the current MotoGP, Formula 1, SBK and NASCAR road tracks…

New Ducati watches available

11 April, 2020
Not only winning races and developing new models is business for the Italian Ducati motor brand, but the new bikes, a new clothing line will come soon. Ducati has unveiled a new collection of Ducati watches by Binda Group.All the…

SBK Generations: On-Board Camera demo available

8 April, 2020
Black Ben Games and Milestone - two of the most well-known software houses in motorcycling simulations - have announced that a the new SBK Generations video game will hit the stores in May. In the wake of the good success…

Motorcycle iPhone apps Diablo Super Biker

8 April, 2020
The Diablo Super Biker is an iPhone App developed by Pirelli and we get the feeling this will really take off. The application can monitor a motorcycle road trip or track laps via GPS, and then registers various data which…

Casey Stoner on a remote controlled Ducati

5 April, 2020
Casey Stoner’s secret has been revealed - his bike is remote controlled! Ok, just kidding and we’re sorry for Rossi fans that Stoner won’t be disqualified from the next race. This little bike is a 1:12 scale model produced by…

Lego Helmet

4 April, 2020
A Lego inspired helmet by made by designer Sebastian Errazuriz.Luckily this visor will never be street legal.

Ducati Race Track by Chicco Toys

3 April, 2020
Chicco Toys has come up with this Ducati Race Track that features two mini remote controlled Ducati 999 Superbikes, that can be driven around the curves and bumps of a Grand Prix race track with an infra red handle bar…

Motorcycles and iPads review: get your GP fix via iPad

2 April, 2020
What can an iPad offer a die-hard motorcycle fan? The chance to get full MotoGP coverage, GPS imagery and live circuit maps all in real time. As the guys at Bonadjalins doing the iPad review from a biker’s perspective say,…

Harley Davidson Fat Boy small-scale model

28 March, 2020
If you’re a lover of model motorcycles, and you’re serious about Harley Davidson, you’d probably manage to complete this enterprise, though we feel we’d lose patience. This Fat Boy FLSTF is available as a 1:4 scale model, complete with real…

Transitional helmet face shield: SolFX

26 March, 2020
Much like transition lenses on glasses, the SolFX face shield from Transition Optics adjusts the tint of the shield according to the light present, making it perfect for both day and night riding, as well as the more dangerous time…

Armadillo armour for your scooter

25 March, 2020
Do you have a beloved scooter that doesn’t have a haven in a maze of city apartment blocks with no parking? Hate to leave it out in the rain, or to be peed on by dogs or dirty washed by…

Pit Bull Lift

18 March, 2020
If you do your own motorcycle maintenance, this Pit Bull lift looks real good and easy to use. The turn table option is pretty cool too.

Video: FMX rider tests ToyDirtBikes

18 March, 2020
Chaos FMX rider William Van den Putte is testing the ToyDirtBikes for Belgian television in this you tube video. Can William, a freestyle motorcross rider, play this toy like he’sriding his real bike?Freestyle or FMX is a strong, growing sport.…