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Italian food festivals: polenta 'sagra' in Lazio

21 April, 2020
An unusual Italian food festival celebrating polenta will take place at Castel di Tora, Rieti in the region of Lazio. The ‘sagra‘ will take place on February 21st at the gates to the historic town centre where an enormous copper…

Vincent Cassel's Italian holiday

21 April, 2020
While waiting to walk the Venice red carpet with his wife Italian actress Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel enjoyed a short holiday with his daughter Deva at Sabaudia, a sea-side resort near Rome. Judging from the pics the two had a…

Italy's best olive oil from Rome at Sabina

17 April, 2020
In some ways, the Italian olive oil industry is in crisis, but leaving aside the negative, Italy produces a quarter of the world’s olive oil. Meaning that Italian olive oil doesn’t just come from Umbria, Puglia or Tuscany. Today we…

How to make carbonara

14 April, 2020
Of all the famous sauces you can put on pasta in Italy, today we look at Carbonara. While the traditional recipe doesn’t involve cream, in Italy every mother, grandmother and house wife has her own recipe. Pasta alla carbonara is…

Carnival in Italy: the festival of Carnevale di Tivoli

10 April, 2020
It’s nearly Carnevale in Italy where carnival time marks the start of the period of Lent, 40 days before Easter. Obviously the Venice Carnevale is the most famous, although for Italians, the Carnevale of Viareggio is also an important celebration.…

Museums in Rome and surrounds: Museum grand tour site

4 April, 2020
Travel in Italy to see its Castelli Romani or Roman castles in Rome and Lazio, just got easier with a new website: Museumgrandtour. Italian museums featured on the site are divided into categories such as archeological, historical and relgious. The…

Places to see in Italy: Frascati's historic villas

2 April, 2020
From 16 to 24 May (which means two weekends in a row) visitors will have the opportunity to buy a season ticket for 13 euros and enjoy a tour of the historic houses and villas in the Colli Albani or…

Touring Central Italy: Pastena Caves, Lazio

26 March, 2020
Situated in the Ciociaria region, not from Ceprano, the Pastena caves are an impressive karst cave system 2, 200 metres long; the site comprises several sections where visitors can admire amazing stalactites, stalagmites and subterranean streams; the streams can be…

Nemi, strawberry capital of Italy

20 March, 2020
Maybe you have never heard of the town of Nemi, near Rome, but here in Europe it’s famous for being the strawberry capital of Italy! In June this lovely town, which lays among the beautiful Albani Hills, hosts the Strawberry…

Spring in Italy: exploring Castelli Romani

18 March, 2020
With the arrival of Spring and fine weather we can at last plan day-trips to the countryside and enjoy, after a long winter , the heart-stopping beauty of mother nature. For those of you who live in Rome or nearby…