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How to impress your friends with homemade cocktails

Create homemade cocktails for the perfect aperitivo.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged our routine and leisure time, but we haven’t been taken down by it. We decided to bring our hobbies at home, turning them into a bakery, our gym and also our favourite bar.

This trend has been fostered by the hashtag # DIY (do-it-yourself) which currently has 68,4 mln posts on instagram. On pinterest and tiktok we can find many short tutorials for crafting home adornment, or proper pieces of furniture.

In reorganizing our homes many have decided to dedicate a nook, a shelf or a cupboard for wine and spirits. Why so? Who doesn’t like some tricks for nice DIY homemade cocktails ? Barman skills makes you do a good impression on your friends or crush.

DIY Cocktails

Trying to replicate our favourite cocktail at home, while waiting for bars to reopen, made us notice that something was missing – a cocktail kit. The searches for DIY cocktail kits have increased by 1,183% as Etsy reported.

Many are the set available, Sipsmith proposes the full classic London Dry Gin experience also at home. Others like The Cocktail Man provide you with an already full-ingredient boxes offering extravagant cocktails such as the Monkey Shoulder Salted Caramel Old Fashioned or the Grey Goose Chocolate Expresso Martini.

Do not know how to do a cocktail?

If you like the idea but you don’t know where to start when speaking about cocktails, no worries many tutorials or short live-streaming schools are available, STIR-UP cocktail school is one of them.

For those who are lazy and would still like to impress their friends, bars like Dirty Lychee, deliver you home ready cocktails which just need to be poured into a nice glass, and et-voilà the perfect apertivo is served.


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