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Wine from Umbria: wine tasting from Terre De La Custodia wines

Umbria has always been one of my favourite regions, less spoiled by the rampant tourism you get in Tuscany.
And I can really recommend discovering Umbrian wines – they are definitely worth it.
In Rome tomorrow, Saturday October 25, at the hotel Rome Cavalieri, there is a wine tasting from a young Umbrian wine company, Terre de la Custodia.

The company belongs to the Farchioni family, famous for its olive oil production.
The winemaking is managed by Riccardo Cotarella, a famous Italian wine maker, in addition to the services of oenologist Marco Minciarelli.
The event is organised by the Italian Sommeliers Association in Rome, and will take place from 4:30pm to 7pm.

For information go to the Bibenda site.
Photo Enoteca Lombardi

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