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Car overwhelms pedestrians in London: many fear they will be seriously injured

A car hit the curb and several pedestrians in Stamford Hill: people feared for their health

A car mount the pavement and overwhelmes pedestrians in north London. Several people feared to be badly injured.

A car overwhelms pedestrians in StamfordHill

The incident happened shortly after 9.30am on Friday. It is currently not being treated as terror-related, so there have been no arrests.

Four people were taken to a major trauma centre and another who was hurt was rushed to hospital.

Police remain at the scene of the collision, which took place on Stamford Hill road. They have cordoned off the area with police tape.

A witness who works in a garage across the road, told the driver of the car was a man whose age looked to be at least 60. Moreover, the witness asked not to be named. He said: “I heard a bang, that was when the car hit the bus stop. The car was on the kerb and I saw two people flying in mid-air”. He continued: “After that he hit a Mitsubishi parked over there and his car did a 90-degree rotation. Another guy on crutches got hit. A few elderly gentlemen helped him out the car, people in the shop came out to help”. The witness also added that the driver was in shock after the crash. The driver was overheard telling police his brakes had failed.

The witness continued: “I called police and they were here in two or three minutes. I saw five people getting treated including the driver. He was an older-looking man in shock.”

Police said there was no information yet on any injuries. Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.


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