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Dad of Army officer: You’re wrong about Royal Family being racist

After Harry and Meghan's interview, the father of the Army officer called a "P***" by prince intervenes on Royal Family's behalf against the racism claims.

Father of Army officer claims Harry and Meghan are wrong, the Royal Family isn't racist.

The family of an Army officer called a P*** by Prince Harry have criticized him for suggesting the Royal Family is racist, insisting: “You’re wrong.” Then Harry apologized in 2009 for using the offensive slur against Sandhurst colleague Ahmed Raza Khan in a video that he filmed himself.

He also used a racial slur against another colleague in the clip. The tape dates back to the following year after the prince sparked abuse by dressing as a Nazi at a fancy dress party. Mr Khan’s father revealed that he didn’t agree with the accusations of racism that appeared from Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

Mr Abbasi on racism in UK and Royal Family

Muhammad Yaqoob Khan Abbasi said: “Prince Harry might have his problems with the family but I don’t agree with him at all. I don’t think the UK people or the Royal Family are racists. They are accommodating to people from all parts of the world and giving them access to the best facilities as citizens and residents.”

He also added that they met Royal Family’s member and they were extremely polite and loving. It was Harry’s use of the P-word that had caused hurt in the past, but he stressed: “You cannot ignore the love shown by other members of the Royal Family.”

Mr Abbasi reflected: “I had some wonderful moments with Prince Charles. The royals are very nice human beings. I cannot call them racists. They are great people who respect their citizens. I believe they have the same level of respect for all people in their own country and around the world. I didn’t see any racists in the UK. The UK is a nice country, welcoming people from every corner of the world.”

Mr Abbasi met Prince Charles in 2006 when his son Ahmed was awarded the prestigious “Sword of Honour” by the Queen for being the best graduate at Sandhurst, where Ahmed trained with Harry. Harry’s slur came to light in a video leaked in 2009. The footage showed the prince three years earlier as a 21-year-old officer cadet during a military exercise in Cyprus.

Ahmed later revealed that the prince had personally called him to apologize. Harry called him by a nickname which is usually very offensive but he knows he didn’t mean it that way. “We were close friends when we were training and I know he is not a racist”, added Ahmed. Last week Prince William denied the Royal Family was racist as he visited an East London school.

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