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Heathrow: no extra flights from India

The Heathrow's refuse: no extra flights from India, even before it is added on the red list.

Heathrow: no extra flights
Heathrow airport

Heathrow Airport doesn’t accept to add extra flights from India, even before it is added on the red list of traffic lights system.

Heathrow decides: no extra flights from India

All Britons who return to the UK on Friday after 4 o’clock will have to stay at the quarantine hotels for 10 days.

There are four airlines that have asked to add additional flights (in total 8). These flights would arrive before 4:00 on Friday at Heathrow Airport, before India is on the red list. But the response is a refusal.

In addition to the quarantine of the British, there will be restrictions also for all those who are not resident in the UK or Ireland.

They won’t be able to enter the country if they have been in India in the previous 10 days.

Why is India so dangerous? It will be part of the red list due to the numerous infections and variants of the Covid. In addition, Heathrow Airport is full of queues of people waiting for checks with their certifications. On average, it would appear, there are two or three hours of waiting and delays.

With the refusal of the addition of extra flights from India, in addition to the perceived danger of the country, Heathrow wants to avoid pressures.

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