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Covid-19: vaccination passports for summer

By this summer there will be vaccination passports to travel abroad.

Vaccination passports for holidays

Vaccination passports will be ready in summer, to allow people to travel abroad: the travel industry communicates it.

Covid vaccination passports to travel abroad

Passenger passports could be ready by next month. This would allow holidays abroad, as will certainly happen in the summer.

Boris Johnson requests that these passports report proof of receiving the vaccine.

This news arrives just when Spain, economically in difficulty, would welcome British tourists. The Spanish Tourism Minister, Fernando Valdés, also announced that the nation is ready for large-scale tourism. The enthusiasm for the British also stems from the fact that the vaccination campaign in the UK is producing excellent results. The passport will be useful, at least at the beginning, only for travel abroad and not domestic. The government had already thought in 2020 to a program for vaccinations to ensure holidays abroad.

The British who have already received the vaccine will be able to move to European countries (including Spain, Portugal and Greece) that are working to promote tourism. The European Union, in fact, should also have a plan called “gettogether”, to allow travel to vaccinated people.


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