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Boris Johnson: Putin is a dictator

Mr Johnson blamed the Russian president for allowing brutality against a fellow Slavic people.

The UK Prime Minister has imprinted Vladimir Putin as a dictator and Boris Johnson pledged Russia will never suppress Ukrainians’ national feeling and their vibrant faith that Ukraine should be free.

Boris Johnson: Putin is a dictator

Mr Johnson blamed the Russian president for allowing brutality against a fellow Slavic people.

He also mentioned, “Our mission is precise. Diplomatically, politically, economically and eventually, militarily. This ugly and brutal incident of Vladimir Putin must fail.”

The rest of Nato and the UK has ruled out placing armies on the ground. However, several Tory MPs are calling for the UK to support implementing a no-fly zone, or even supply air support to Ukraine.

Boris Johnson’s statement regenerated by his spokesman

But, after that, Mr Johnson’s spokesman said the UK will not be interfering militarily, further resuming to support Ukrainian forces.

“We desire that the Ukrainian people will resist, will confront with Russian forces. We are supplying military, defensive military power,” he said.

The spokesman also said the issue of a no-fly zone was a matter for Nato and that he was “not familiar” with any such schemes.

The UK’s sanctions will be revealed on Thursday. They are possible to include excluding Russia from the SWIFT international payments system. Also, ending its power to increase funds on London markets by giving sovereign debt.

We will work with Ukraine

Mr Johnson added, “We will work with them, for nevertheless long it takes, to guarantee that the freedom and independence of Ukraine are fixed.”

This act of thoughtless attack is aggression not just on Ukraine but also democracy and freedom in East Europe and around the world, stated him.

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TM Maybbe
11 May, 2023 2:34 am

Putin? A dictator? Gee, what was your first clue Boris? Can we please stop with 20 year old revelations in the news please? And Boris, if it has taken you this long to figure that out….wow….

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