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Coronavirus, emergency legislation becomes law to tackle outbreak

Coronavirus, after the consent of the royal law, The Lords and the Commons passed the law without precedent, implementing the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Coronavirus emergency legislation
Coronavirus emergency legislation

Due to lockdown, measures will see power of the Ministers, councils, police, health professionals and coroners strengthened temporarily. It designs to stall the spread of Coronavirus. Draconian emergency power is made to help ministers deal with global pandemic have become law.

It’s after the the Queen granted the legislation royal assent. The Lords and the Commons passed the unprecedented 329-page bill in just three days, bringing into force the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Coronavirus, emergency legislation becomes law

For example, minister, now have the ability to restrict or prohibit event during the outbreak in any kind of place or any moveable structure and any offshore installations and where necessary, to close premises. The new laws also authorize the court cases can be heard by video. Also make thousands of recently retired NHS staff will be able to return to work, without any loss of pensions rights.

Not only that, the number of doctors will reduce from two to one to sign off on sectioning those with mental health issues. Then police would be given authority to force those infected with Covid-19 to self-isolate. This legislation will be in force for a two year period and will be reviews by MPs every six months. The cross-party MPS concern that the legislation hade several implications for civil liberties and human rights. Whilst David Davis, the former cabinet minister, said there will inevitably be mistakes in the legislation due to it being fast-tracked through both the Commons and Lords.

Health Minister Lord Bethell expressed his “profound thanks” to those involved with the bill and ensuring its swift passage through parliament, including other political parties, “I would like to thank those who work in parliament and House of Lords who are here today at considerable risk to themselves and have displayed amazing commitment to this remarkable organisation.”

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