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These Are the 5 Most Sustainable Restaurants in the World

Sustainable Restaurants

What we eat and consume has an impact on the environment. You don’t have to live vegan to do something about climate change. But also eating meat every day is not ok, since massive meat production not only involves the exploitation of animals, but also pollutes the planet more than agriculture.

Anyway, it is not only consumers who have to fight climate change and pollution – even restaurants can do their part. In the regard, these five sustainable restaurants show how the operators are committed to climate protection.

L’Arpège, France

Chef Alain Passard is considered a pioneer of vegetarian cuisine and a sustainable gastronome in the industry. In 1986 he opened his L’Arpège Restaurant in Paris and was awarded the third Michelin star on his tenth anniversary. In 2001, he decided to convert his kitchen completely to vegetables and plants. Three vegetable gardens supply the restaurant with up to 50 tons of vegetables, herbs and fruit per year. The products are harvested by hand.

Schauenstein Castle, Switzerland

In 2019, chef Andreas Caminada won the “Sustainable Restaurant Award” at the “50 Best Restaurants“, demonstrating his commitment to protecting the environment. The products for the restaurant in Graubünden come from the grounds of the castle where the restaurant is located. Caminada cultivates relationships with organic farmers from the surrounding area. The menus focus on the season and the culinary identity of the Domleschg valley. All products are supplied in reusable packaging.

Mirazur, France

Mauro Colagreco, chef of the Mirazur, is currently the most talked-about name in gastronomy. His restaurant has three Michelin stars, he heads the list of “50 Best Restaurants“. Sustainability is a big part of the restaurant. All the ingredients come from the gardens of the restaurant and the surrounding land of local fishermen and farmers.

Central and Mil, Peru

Virgilio Martinez has two award-winning restaurants. The so-called Central, currently number six on the list of “50 Best Restaurants“, it is located in the capital of Peru, Lima. In 2018 he opened the restaurant Mil, in a remote location not far from the archaeological site of Moray in the sacred valley of the Incas, north of Cusco. Martinez and his team collect local ingredients there. And they have them delivered from all parts of Peru. The Mil focuses on the ingredients from the Andes. Martinez works with indigenous communities to preserve the culinary identity of the region.

La Vague d’Or, France

La Vague D’Or is the only restaurant in Saint-Tropez to be awarded three Michelin stars. Arnaud Donckele, the restaurant’s chef, dedicates his culinary skills to seasonal ingredients from neighbouring farmers.

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