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November: The Three Best Green Initiatives of the Month


The month of November means we all can start having a festive mindset. While we plan our Thanksgiving, Christmas is just around the corner. As a result, it is the perfect time to start thinking about and even purchasing Christmas presents.

Moreover, in November we can find enchanting and colorful landscapes, which makes everything more romantic and dreamy. This is exactly why, in our festive mood, we should not forget about the environment. Therefore, here are the best green initiatives of this month.

World Vegan Month in November

In 1944, in the month of November, Donald Watson – together with other 23 people – felt that is was essential to make a distinction between vegetarians and people who eat no products of animal origin at all. For this reason, they founded the Vegan Society. As a consequence, November 1st was marked as the anniversary of the Society’s establishment and it is has also become the World Vegan Day. Gradually, however, this event evolved to World Vegan Week and, then, to World Vegan Month.

There are many different ways in which we could celebrate this month, even if we do not practice veganism. One of the aims of this initiative is to inform people on the benefits of going vegan. Not consuming meat and food derived from animals has many environmental benefits, as, for instance:

  • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Protecting animal species and their habitats;
  • Saving water.

During the World Vegan Month, we all could try out some vegan recipes – as well as organize vegan lunch or dinner with friends. We could even challenge ourselves to go vegan for 30 days!

Tsunami Awarness Day and World Fisheries Day

The World Tsunami Awareness Day, celebrated on November 5, was established in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly with the aim of encouraging tsunami awareness throughout the world. The 2019 edition promotes Target (d) of the “Sendai Seven Campaign” which centers on reducing disaster damage to critical infrastructure and disruption of basic services. Enhancing the level of awareness is important since more than 700 million people live in areas – such as islands of on the coasts – which are threatened by tsunami. Widespread information may foster innovation in the infrastructure field and help everyone be more prepared to face such kind of crisis.

Mark November 21 as the World Fisheries Day on your calendar. The objective of this day is to remind people of the importance of water for aquatic organisms. Protecting water bodies from pollution and stopping overfishing are issues which need immediate solutions. This becomes even more urgent if we consider the effect of other phenomena on the environment of fish. For example, global warming is playing an important role in this, leading to fish population decline.

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