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Don’t Throw Away Cooking Oil – Here Is How You Can Reuse It

cooking oil

One of the most widely used foods in the kitchen is undoubtedly oil. Think, for example, of all the oil needed for frying. The main problem is that not everyone cares about disposing of it in the right way. As a result, used cooking oil often ends up in the toilet, sink or some outdoor space, such as the garden or vegetable garden.

As well as creating waste, it also creates pollution.

Waste oil is not biodegradable, as it is not organic waste. In fact, it can even pollute drinking water and dry out the soil where it is clumsily thrown away. To dispose of it, you have to take it to the ecological islands, or alternatively to petrol stations and supermarkets equipped to collect it.

But there is a more effective, sustainable and easy solution. That is, recycling the used oil, giving it a new life and a new function. This way we won’t waste it, while also reducing costs, waste and pollution.

How to Reuse Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil still has a lot to offer. In fact it is possible to recycle it and use it for other purposes within our home. First of all, in order to reuse it, it is necessary to store the oil in the correct way. After frying, let the oil cool in the pan and then filter it. This will remove all impurities and food residues. Then transfer the oil into a glass container to freeze it so that you can use it again.

Now that you have your oil ready to use, you can reuse it in a variety of ways. First of all, if you usually shave with a razor blade and get yourself injured, know that used oil can be good for keeping your skin hydrated and making the blade slide better over the epidermis. If you have farmyard animals, on the other hand, you can use it to season their food, such as rice or stale bread.

If you live in a snowy area, the recycled oil will come in handy when you have to shovel snow from your street or yard. By grabbing the shovel, in fact, you will prevent the snow from sticking. In this way it will slip off the shovel smoothly.

DIY Ideas and Projects

In addition, you can create DIY projects useful for you and your home. For example, you can make homemade soap out of oil. Don’t forget to add the scented essence you prefer. Used oil is also a great fuel for lanterns or candles made from other recycled materials, such as glass or metal containers.

Another fun idea is to make a lava lamp. Just pour the residual oil into a plastic bottle, then add a few drops of food coloring and a tablet of Alka Seltzer. At this point you have to shake energetically and put a light under the bottle. The effect is temporary – but really amazing!

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