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How to Reuse Christmas Decors After The Holidays

christmas decors

The Christmas holidays have come to an end. The time has come to unpack the Christmas tree and the decorations with which we decorated the house during the holidays. But it’s not just a question of carefully storing in boxes all the Christmas decors and coloured lights that we will be able to use again next year.

In fact, we can also recycle with creativity all the decorations that we can not keep. Let’s find out together how.

Giving New Life to Christmas Trees

Let’s start with the bulkiest decoration, the Christmas tree. If you have bought a natural fir tree, you will have to think about how and where to dispose of it.

Surely, you can’t throw it in the dumpster under your house. In this regard, many cities, after the holidays, collect Christmas trees for free. In some cases, it is possible to give them new life by replanting them. Otherwise, the trees are taken to composting plants to be converted into compost.

If, on the other hand, you have decorated your home with an artificial Christmas tree and after using it several times you have realised that it is too old to keep, remember that it is essential to bring it to the collection centres.

And finally, here is an original idea for the most creative people. You can in fact turn the Christmas tree into a DIY bird feeder. If you have a large enough garden, cut the branches of your natural fir tree leaving some of them as a support point and then engrave the surface of the trunk of the small niches. Here you can insert breadcrumbs or dried fruit.

Reusing Other Christmas Decors

Once you’ve thought about the big elephant in the room, it’s time to focus on all the other Christmas decors you’ve used during the holidays. For example, if you have made a natural DIY garland, you can reuse the scented pine cones and twigs to create a pout-pourri. This way, the Christmas spirit will never leave your home!

Another typical holiday problem is figuring out what to do with all the paper and boxes used to pack presents. First of all, try to keep the gift paper and ribbons still in good condition so that you can reuse them next year. At this point, you can reuse the leftover paper, for example, to give your furniture a new look, by covering the inside of your drawers. Or, you can cut out some nice DIY bookmarks. If it’s tissue paper instead, reuse it to create DIY rosettes or a lot of fake flowers to decorate your vases with. Finally, you can do great things with boxes too. In fact, it only takes a little to turn them into nice storage boxes, jewelry boxes and even into a creative DIY dollhouse.

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