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7 lesser-known facts about Kobe Bryant

As one of basketball's most famous players, people know almost everything about him - here are a few facts that might surprise you!

facts about kobe bryant
facts about kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant was one of the most prolific basketball players in history. Having reached legendary status for many fans, it is normal to presume that we know just about everything about his life. However, there are still a few interesting things that many of his fans might be surprised to learn about.

Some lesser-known facts about Kobe Bryant that might surprise you

Below are listed some of the most interesting and obscure facts on the legendary player, Kobe Bryant.

1. Fluent in Italian

Bryant learnt to speak Italian when he was very young, spending a lot of his childhood in Italy.

He was fluent in the language and often used it to communicate with his teammates.

2. He took an R&B Singer to Prom

Already with a penchant for the spectacular, Bryant took R&B singer Brandy Norwood to his prom, much to the friendly jealousy of his peers!

3. Meeting his wife in a recording studio

In 1999, Kobe met his wife Vanessa at The Eastsidaz, a recording studio that Kobe visited to record his own rap song. The song never took off but at least his music interest introduced him to Vanessa!

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4. Reason behind wearing No. 8

Despite wearing 33 for most of his school career, Bryant switched to No.8 when he arrived in the NBA due to his contract with Adidas and their One, Four, Three campaigns.

5. Drafted straight out of school

In 1996, Kobe Bryant was drafted for the L.A Lakers right out of school as their No.13 selection, the first ever person to do so.

6. Named after a steak

Having liked the Kobe beef on a restaurant menu, Bryant’s parents named their son after the steak!

7. Unique middle name

Bryant’s father was nicknamed ‘Jellybean’ during his playing days and so Bryant’s parents chose the middle name ‘Bean’ for their son.

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