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Abruzzo earthquake

Obama to meet Pope in Italy

1 April, 2020
US President Barack Obama is set to meet Pope Benedict XVI in what is set to be an interesting meeting on July 10th. Obama is currently under fire in the US for his pro-abortion stance, though any discussion with the…

Madonna sculptures in art exhibition after Abruzzo earthquake

23 March, 2020
The Archaeological Museum of Teramo will host an exhibition that displays artworks from Abruzzo that have survived the devastating earthquake earlier this year. The exhibition opens on June 29th, and is called “A Madonna for every museum”.After Teramo hosts the…

Art from Aquila after the earthquake on show

23 March, 2020
The city of Rome is hosting an art exhibition dedicated to the artworks from the churches of Aquila that were partly destroyed during the earthquake last year. The exhibition is taking place at the lower house in Montecitorio with the…