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Bmw s1000rr

The BMW S1000RR vs BMW M3 – video

26 April, 2020
We’ve seen literally hundreds of these type of videos, motorcycles vs cars and lately they seem to involve BMW’s S1000RR more than any other sports bike on the market.Whatever the reason that goes behind these type of ‘tests’, it’s always…

BMW's Table Cloth Trick with No Tricks (w/video)

25 April, 2020
BMW’s S 1000RR table cloth trick was such a hot item that there were even Vespa copycats.Piqued by the burning desire to find out if BMW’s trick was simply a trick, British Bike Magazine carried out their own personal scientific…

BMW S1000RR Video- Don't Try This at Home

24 April, 2020
If you don’t believe that BMW’s S1000RR can do zero to 100km/h (62 mph) in just 2.9 seconds, you can always try the age old tablecloth trick like the guys in the video to prove it, but if you do…

Mid-week sexy bikers: Francesca and the BMW S1000RR

24 April, 2020
Is it only Wednesday? Ah well, to help us down the home straight to the weekend, take a look at Franchesca and the BMW S1000RR together in this photo shoot from Motorcycle USA. It’s all in the name of making…

WSBK: First Look at the Reitwagen BMW Team Livery

23 April, 2020
Speedweek.com website has given us a first look at the colours of the BMW S1000RR that Austrian Reitwagen BMW Team will be showing in this year’s World Superbike Championship.The livery is silver and black with an addition of red and…

New BMW S 1000 RR videos

20 April, 2020
Did we mention that the BMW S1000RR is a sexy bike? Perhaps we forgot, so we’re taking a closer look in these videos of the S 1000 RR in action. The first is from Tor Sagen, who we’ve already seen…

Aprilia Pokes Fun at BMW (w/video)

19 April, 2020
The Aprilia RSV4 and BMW S1000RR broke cover on the motorcycle market at the same time, while BMW’s marketing and product placement has been over the top, Aprilia has kept a slightly lower and serious profile, trusting more in the…

BMW S 1000 RR at Jerez

18 April, 2020
The BMW S 1000RR made a surprise visit during the Jerez MotoGP weekend. The new superbike was being used as safety bike and will be officially unveiled during the Monza round of the World Superbikes May 8th -10th.BMW S 1000RR

Leon Haslam at Aragon (w/video)

18 April, 2020
How did Leon Haslam fare at the Aragon circuit with his BMW S 1000 RR? For the first two days of the SBK test, the English rider wasn’t exactly on pace. Between learning the intricacies of a new bike, that…

BMW S 1000 RR road version live at Monza

17 April, 2020
Here’s a look at the brand new BMW S 1000 RR road version snapped at Monza superbike on the weekend. The S 1000 RR was outside the Hospitality spot for the Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Unfortunately we didn’t get a…

Haute Couture and BMW Superbike

17 April, 2020
Top German photographer Markus Hofmann to present Haute Couture, used a BMW S 1000 RR World Superbike factory race bike as a prop for his shoot.Hofmann says: “There are so many motorcycle manufacturers that combine motorcycles and women in an…

Best bikes for 2010: BMW S1000RR more pics

17 April, 2020
Our BMW S1000RR gallery was a bit scarce, so here’s a few more shots to keep us happy. The S1000RR is definitely on our best bikes list for 2010 which is big achievement for the first BMW superbike, although not…

BMW S1000RR – Watch the valves from the piston

16 April, 2020
You’ve seen the birth of the BMW S1000RR from the drawing table to the race track, the other day you saw the bike’s valves in action and now BMW Motorrad has released this second technical video of the valves from…

BMW S1000RR – From table to track

15 April, 2020
Four years and countless hours of work have gone into the development of the BMW S1000RR and this video condenses the entire work process from the drawing table to the track in a little more than three minutes.

Schumacher tests BMW S1000RR

13 April, 2020
While knowing that Michael Schumacher sometimes gets into the saddle of motorcycle no longer garners a raised eyebrow, but knowing that he’s been participating in private BMW testing may do.After his experience with the Team HANNSpree Ten Kate, the formula…

BMW S1000RR vs Ariel Atom V8 Supercar (w/video)

13 April, 2020
Yes it’s another of those car vs bike videos, and again it’s the 193bhp BMW S1000RR, who after being pitted against a Bugatti Veyron and a Nissan GTR now takes on an £ 150,000 Ariel Atom V8.The showdown takes place…

2011 EICMA: check out BMW's line up

13 April, 2020
BMW Motorrad has one of the biggest stands at the 2011 EICMA, and even though the two undisputed stars of the lot are the brand new C600 Sport and C650 GT maxi-scooters, there are also many other recent products from…

BMW S1000RR titanium valves in action video

9 April, 2020
See the BMW S1000RR valves in action in this video and while you might think that nearly three and a half minutes of this is boring, it’s actually very mesmerising. It’s not every day we get to see the engine…

BMW S1000RR vs Bugatti Veyron – Video

9 April, 2020
Another bike vs car video, the usual BMW S1000RR but this time it’s pitted against the $1.700,000 Bugatti Veyron that is considered the second fastest street legal sports car on the planet.We all know that the BMW superbike pours out…

Video BMW S1000RR Superbike

8 April, 2020
Even when this bike moves in slow motion it looks like it’s going fast. BMW Motorrad has released on its Web TV channel the video of the BMW S1000RR Superbike that Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus will ride in 2009’s…

How to lean on a BMW S1000RR

7 April, 2020
This video uses a gyroscopic camera on a BMW S1000RR to show us just how to lean into corners on the BMW Superbike. This is technology that obviously comes from the television sports culture of the MotoGP where the camera…

BMW S1000RR 2012: Hornig introduces new conversion kit

4 April, 2020
Hornig, a renowned aftermarket company from Germany, introduces its new conversion kit for the 2012 BMW S1000RR. In orderto adapt to the recent restyling of the Bavarian superbike, Hornig had to modify or redesign several parts of the kit used…

Arrow exhausts BMW S100RR

3 April, 2020
Unsurprisingly the BMW S1000RR has become one of the favourite models for aftermarket parts - making the bavarian superbike even sportier. This time we get a BMW S1000RR exhaust by Arrow, after SC-Project already released theirs. The S1000RR Arrow exhaust…