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BMW vs Audi: BMW billboard ad above Audi Hong Kong dealership

22 April, 2020
The Audi vs BMW challenge is getting serious with this funny picture of the Hong Kong Audi dealership adorned with an enormous BMW billboard above it. It seems that when the going gets tough…. After BMW’s not very exciting EfficientDynamics…

Alfa Romeo: A History of Italian Commercials

15 April, 2020
Sunday is relax time, so how about checking out these Italian commercials to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Alfa Romeo with a broad array of the famed Italian cars that we found on Youtube. The commericals range…

BMW X3 and X1 commercials

3 April, 2020
This BMW X3 commercial for the new generation is unashamedly lifestyle-oriented - get the car, get the life that goes with it. It’s a fun ad with lots happening and we like the take on the moon, too but overall…

Video: BMW Motorsport commercial

28 March, 2020
We love this BMW Motorsport commercial that shows all the passion for speed and the history of these beautiful cars. The commercial certainly plays on pride and nostalgia and any BMW tragic should love it. The commercial certainly makes a…

Audi Q5 commercials: Audi SUV design

27 March, 2020
The message that we imagine Audi is getting across in these Audi Q5 commercials is that in a world of SUVs that are all the same, and all grey (and all possibly Lexus models), a compact and elegant SUV like…