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Rome celebrates comic strip hero Diabolik

19 April, 2020
Rome pays homage to one of the most loved Italian comic strip heros of all time: Diabolik. I don’t know if the word really suits him, after all we are talking about a thief, but a thief , mind you,…

Guido Crepax sexy comic book heroine, Valentina

8 April, 2020
In the days before Lara Croft and Angelina Jolie, there was Valentina, a character from the fantasy of Guido Crepax that has since entered the erotic imagination of Italian culture and adult comic books. Valentina was a sexy photographer who…

Piacenza Fullcomics: 11th April to 13th

22 March, 2020
For three days Piacenza will be the centre of the comics world. From 11th April through 13th April the city will host Fullcomics, an exhibition that will explore and delve into the world of comics. A full range of events…