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Italian cheese

How to serve Italian cheese: condiments

19 April, 2020
There are many Italian cheeses that you can treat yourself to, and often the enjoyment is increased by choosing the right side serve for your cheese. With soft cheeses, aged cheese and everything right down to the simple ricotta or…

Italian cheese: scimudin from the Valtellina

17 April, 2020
If we had to do a list of all the cheeses in Italy, this would become a never-ending cheese blog. But given the hugely rich Italian culinary tradition, we take a look every so often at an Italian cheese product…

Italian cheese appears on postal stamps: made in Italy food

13 April, 2020
Italian cheese is being celebrated on the country’s postal stamps as part of a marketing initiative to celebrate “Made in Italy” products. Only select cheeses are being represented and in the future we will find: mozzarella di bufala, gorgonzola, parmigiano…

Mozzarella world record

9 April, 2020
Italy has created the longest mozzarella cheese braid in history, with the town of Sala Consilina making a world record cheese braid 78.8 metres long. This beats the previous record of 42.8 metres in 2007, and required four tonnes of…

Italian snack recipes: parmesan pudding

6 April, 2020
We’ve looked at plenty of Italian snacks here on Dolce Vita, but this is the first I’ve heard of anything like this Italian cheese snack. If you’re going to throw an Italian snack party, you could try this “parmesan cheese…

Mozzarella: competition to win championship

5 April, 2020
You may have thought the Italians were in crisis over their Mozzarella, but it’s hard to keep a good Italian down when it comes to pride in their culinary tradition. The mozzarella eating championship prize is given to whoever can…

Traditional Italian recipes: canederli from the Tyrol

4 April, 2020
I’m very taken with canederli from Italy’s Trentino-Alto Adige region. Generally speaking, the area has a fascinating culinary tradition with a mix of Italian and Austrian dishes where you can sometimes get the best of both worlds. One of the…

Traditional Italian products: mustard from Cremona

30 March, 2020
Mention the word mustard and most Italians will screw up their nose and give you a tirade on how disgusting the food is in Germany and how the last time they went there they spent three days on a diet.…

Italian dessert recipe from Sardinia: ricotta cheesecake

25 March, 2020
This ricotta cake recipe comes from Sardinia and is a simple Italian dessert recipe made with limited ingredients.Take 600 grams of ricotta, 150 grams of sugar, three eggs and one sachet of saffron. For a stronger and more decisive taste,…

Spring and Italian cheese: the cacioricotta from Salento

23 March, 2020
One of Italy’s best cheeses, made in spring, is the “cacioricotta” from Salento. Salento is the so called “heel” of Italy, the most southern and eastern point of Puglia.This Italian cheese has a double name that reflects its personality. It…

Italian recipes for summer: fried provolone cheese

22 March, 2020
This easy Italian recipe is great for summer, being light and tasty, which can either work as a dish on its own accompanied by vegetables, or used in main courses or as an antipasto.All you need is two large tomatoes,…