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Italian museums

Abruzzo: Il museo del maiale – the pig museum – opens

15 April, 2020
This is great! After the success of the film Babe, bringing the smartest animal on earth to the people, a museum dedicated to this snuffly creature has opened in Carpineto Sinello, Abruzzo. This is the first pig museum to open…

The Museo degli Orsanti at Compiano, Parma

4 April, 2020
Not far from Parma there’s a small medieval village called Compiano; actually it’s just a hamlet but its beauty, trust me will take your breath away. Nestled on the mountains, Compiano was inhabited by poor peasants who were often compelled…

Museums in Rome and surrounds: Museum grand tour site

4 April, 2020
Travel in Italy to see its Castelli Romani or Roman castles in Rome and Lazio, just got easier with a new website: Museumgrandtour. Italian museums featured on the site are divided into categories such as archeological, historical and relgious. The…

Turin inaugurates Museo d'Arte Orientale (Mao)

18 March, 2020
Just a few days ago Turin inaugurated a new museum devoted solely to Oriental art; the museum (Mao) located in Palazzo Mazzonis hosts more than 1500 artworks; statues, paintings and precious manuscripts that will take your breath away. But if…