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Pic of the day: Vintage Ossa 250 cc monocoque

19 April, 2020
Spanish motorcycle brand Ossa is undergoing a revival, starting with a new Ossa trial bike released this year. While the brand seemed to be history, there is plenty of past experience and pedigree to work with, as seen in this…

E-OSSA Monocasco electric concept sufaces

12 April, 2020
Right from the first glance, it is not hard to figure out what that ‘E’ in front of the glorious Ossa name stands for. The resurrected Spanish brand comes up with this brand new electric prototype called ‘Monocasco’ - designed…

New Ossa TR280i trial bike available from August

9 April, 2020
The Ossa TR280i, which we saw as a trial prototype at the 2009 EICMA show, has gone into production and will be going on sale from August this year. Ossa will produce 1,250 TR280i units this year, available in Europe,…

Ossa TR280i trial prototype

8 April, 2020
Here is the Ossa TR-i 280 prototype, which we first mentioned in October with news of the Ossa brand relaunch. The Spanish company was mostly active in the off-road and trial segments from the 1960’s to the 1980’s, and here…

EICMA Ossa relaunch with new prototype

30 March, 2020
Spanish motorcycle brand Ossa is coming back, appearing at this year’s EICMA show with a niche range of trial motorcycles. Ossa originally made its name back in the 70’s with a range of enduro and trial bikes, and the occasional…

Ossa in 2011 trial championships with TR280i

19 March, 2020
The revival of the Ossa Spanish offroad bike brand will see the new Ossa TR280i compete in next year’s World Trial Championship after success at the trial nations event in Polond last weekend. Spain won for the seventh year in…