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Parma ham

Parma ham on show in its hometown

10 April, 2020
On the 18th of September, Parma’s via Cavour will be transformed into an exhibit with just one central theme: Prosciutto di Parma - raw ham.The photographer Renato Cerisola has dedicated a large selection of his photo shoots to capturing the…

Most popular lunch for Italians: salami bread rolls

25 March, 2020
Don’t be deceived by the number of McDonald’s in Italy, as over here the Italians still keep to their traditional lunches. When they think of something good and quick to eat, the first thing that comes into their heads is…

Italian Christmas recipes: parmesan and prosciutto quiche snacks

24 March, 2020
A traditional Italian Christmas menu probably doesn’t include finger food and snacks, but if you’re entertaining for people on Christmas Eve and still want something Italian, this parmesan and parma ham (or prosciutto crudo) snack could do the trick.You’ll need…