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Trevi fountain

Love in Rome: mash notes at Bar dell'Orologio

24 April, 2020
Some time ago we had the chance to talk about the Padlocks of love at Ponte Milvio and the Trevi fountain in Rome, but now a new ‘ shrine ‘ devoted to love has popped up just a few blocks…

Colosseum on fire by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz

19 April, 2020
This amazing video shows the special effects of an optical illusion: the Colosseum on fire by two artists, Pio Diaz and Thyra Hilden. The video exhibition was on show for only three nights and was commissioned by Italy’s arts minister…

Padlocks of love at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

11 April, 2020
Young lovers strike again in Italy with public displays of affection. Verona might have a balcony, but Rome has padlocks. The street lamp at Ponte Milvio wasn’t enough and now the tendency has moved to the much more fashionable location…

Rome: Trevi fountain as seen from inside

10 April, 2020
Actually the coins you see in this picture were not thrown into the Trevi fountain, but I must say the effect this skilled photographer has succeeded in creating is quite convincing. Don’t you think so?Anyway the legend has it that…

Tototruffa ’62: Totò sells Trevi Fountain

9 April, 2020
If in New York conmen used to sell skyscrapers to naïve tourists just arrived in town, here in Italy Totò made a very funny movie called Tototruffa ’62 about a similar theme. In fact the movie tells the story of…

Celebrating "La Dolce Vita": events dedicated to Fellini's genius

29 March, 2020
Federico Fellini’s “La dolce vita” (the sweet life) is celebrating its 50th birthday with celebrations stretching around the world and across the months for this famous, historic Italian film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be holding…

Thief steals 600 euros in coins from Trevi Fountain

24 March, 2020
I would never have had said that stealing coins from the Trevi Fountain could be as lucrative as this, but Roberto Cercelletta, our crime in Italy profile for this week, managed a full 600 euros before he was arrested. Cercelletta…

Rome: Trevi fountain and coin thieves

21 March, 2020
The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome ‘s most popular monuments; millions of visitors every year turn their back to the fountain and throw a coin over their shoulders into the water pool ( the legend has it that by…