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Yamaha v-max

Yamaha V-Max to be revealed in Spain in June

26 April, 2020
Shown for the first time as a prototype at the Toyko show in 2005, the new Yamaha V-Max will be official come June 4. Reports come from the Spaniards over at Solomoto30.com, while the photos have been revealed by MCN.At…

Jay Leno donates Yamaha VMAX to charity

18 April, 2020
Jay Leno’s customised Star VMAX motorcycle will be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction, with proceeds going to the Bailey’s CafĂ© charity, a community program bringing art education to some of New York’s toughest neighbourhoods.The auction will take place…

Triumph Rocket III RR Supercruiser

18 April, 2020
The blog dedicated to Triumph fans, called “blog triumph che passione” always provides interesting news and curiosities from the world of Triumph.What you see in this picture is a creation from Pio in the form of a Triumph Rocket III…

Video: Jay Leno custom V-Max

9 April, 2020
Jay Leno’s customised Yamaha V-Max sold at auction for 75,000 pounds, with proceeds going to charity. Above is the video of the bike, which was custom designed by Jeff Palhegyi in just two weeks. The V-Max is equipped with a…

Yamaha V-Max in action

7 April, 2020
Here’s a video showing a the Yamaha V-Max in action, complete with burnout. We looked at the technical specs and official pics of the V-Max a couple of days ago and we can safely say we’re impressed. Nice to see…

Yamaha V-Max in Ghost Rider movie

2 April, 2020
Now, not having seen the first Ghost Rider flick, I can’t really comment on whether the trailer to the sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance looks like it’s going to be any good. Comments over on Motorbiker are that the…

Akrapovic exhaust for Yamaha V-max

30 March, 2020
Akrapovic has developed a new titanium exhaust for the Yamaha V-max. The twin exhaust has a conical design and gives the bike both an impressive sound, and a brand new look. The end caps are made from alluminium, and the…

Yamaha Vmax Hyper Modified by Abnormal Cycles

24 March, 2020
Yamaha Motor Italia teamed up with renowned Italian customizers Abnormal Cycles to make a special one-off version of their popular Vmax, named Hyper Modified. The model is actually the fourth addition to the ‘Vmax Hyper Modified’ series, following the three…

Lazareth, Walz and Sands hyper modify the Yamaha V-Max

16 March, 2020
If you want to capture the attention at international motorcycle show like the EICMA, you have to try to stand out and that’s what Yamaha Europe decided to do by giving three well know custom builders the iconic Yamaha V-Max…