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Covid, four Italian regions forced to lockdown

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the new measures: the restrictions will be rather severe for these four regions.

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

On Wednesday 4th November, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the new closure of only four italian regions, the most affected by the virus. This provision was made necessary by the continuous increase in positive cases.

What are the four italian regions forced to lockdown?

The so called “red zones” identified by the Italian Prime Minister are Lombardy, Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta, in the north of the country, and Calabria, which forms the southern toe of the Italian peninsula.

The restrictions will be valid from Friday 6 November and, as Conte announced, they will impose severe limits on the circumstances under which people can leave home. The new lockdown is aimed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections and to help hospitals.

The restrictions in detail

So, no-one will be able to leave or enter the “red zone” regions. People who live in these regions will have to stay indoors, except to go to work or shop for essentials. They can also exercise near their homes but always wearing the mask.

Other businesses such as barbershops and hair salons can stay open, although other shops in the “red zones” which are not essentials need to close. With regard to schools, in these four region only nursery, primary, and the first year of secondary school will still have in-class instruction, while high schools must do remote instruction.

The Italian Prime Minister also added that previously announced nationwide measures, like museum closures and an overnight curfew, will also start on Friday and last until December 3.

Conte also announced that at the end of this week his center-left government would approve more funds to aid businesses who have been economically affected by the latest closures.

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