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Eicma 2008: Honda SH125i and SH150i my 2009

Honda’s best-selling scooter has a new, fancy version in the arrival of the SH125i and theSH150i scooters for Model Year 2009, seen at the Eicma show.
The new SH models have been updated in their style, the mechanics and the braking system.

The updated style shows elegant and compact aspects with a new front shield, rear tail and a lovely group of freshenedup lights.

New folding foot rests are included, with integrated colours and a side SH125i/SH150i 3D branded motif.
The general position of the front headlight and grill has been maintained, with the indicator lights incorporated into the front bodywork.

The instrument panel has been updated, with a sophisticated look and central speedometer.
New colours available include Quasar Silver Metallic, Pearl Acid Yellow, Pearl Cool White, Velvet Red, Pearl Montana Blue and Pearl Night Star Black.
The engine is a liquid-cooled, single cylinder four stroke with electronic ignition.
The new versions have both front and rear disc brakes, or if you prefer, the more classic version of a rear drum brake has been maintained.

The seat height has been reduced by a centimetre for a more natural and comfortable riding position, especially for shorter riders, and leg space has therefore increased by two centimetres.
The rear baggage compartment is Honda series optional and uses the same key as that of the ignition.
Electronic system for an eventual alarm has also been included, in the case of someone wanting to steal your new, and nice, Honda SH 125i or 150i.
A large range of accessories is available, including safety kit, protective covering, high windshield, heated handles and thermal leg covering.

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