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Harley Davidson Night Rod’s new Rizoma tuning kit: pictures

Night Rod, the tuning kit dynamic and comfortable designed by Rizoma for Harley Davidson.

harley davidson night rod rizoma

Rizoma has presented a personalized Harley Davidson Night Rod tuning kit. With alloy parts, the kit includes gear covers, pulley, chain cover, sports pedals, rear pulley and shock absorber finishings.

The Italian brand, owned by the brothers Fabrizio and Fabio Rigolio, renews the Harley Davidson model. The made in Italy that promotes dynamism first of all creates a kit for Davidson motorcycles. Rizoma did not lend its genius only to Harley Davidson, it also powered the Ducati brand.

Rizoma : Night Rod kit for Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a United States motorcycle company founded in 1903. It has a success story behind it and yet it is always ready to show off news. This time Rizoma comes to her aid, a brand that has created a new kit to make the use of motorcycles even more comfortable and cool.

The features include license plate support, minimalist indicators, and an aerodynamic headlight cover. For more information go to the Rizoma site, and have a look at the pics of this lovely tuning kit.

Made with aluminum details, the kit offers various elements. These include the sprocket cover with porthole and anodized aluminum pulley. Also the belt cover and rear footpegs, rear pulley machined from solid. Also, the finishes of the shock absorbers.

As if that wasn’t enough, the adjustable number plate holder and minimalist arrows are also available. Moreover, a new handlebar and upper steering plate. Finally, the aerodynamic headlight cover, also in aluminum.

rizoma night rod harley davidson
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