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Saint Valentine's Day in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet

While Florence and Venice are both romantic Italian cities, if you want real romance in Italy, the true Italian city of love has to be Verona.
It is currently preparing for Valentine’s Day in Italy with a series of events called Verona in Love.

The events include a market “un cuore da scoprire” (or “a heart to discover”), the “Cara Giulietta” competition for the best love letters, Romeo and Juliet theatre by Berto Barbarani, the Verona marathon and half marathon and the exhibition “La magia di Escher”.

The exhibition in Verona is dedicated to artist Maurits Cornelis Escher and will take place at the Palazzo Forti modern art gallery of Verona for two months, from January 30.
A culinary event called “Due cuori a tavola” (or “Two hearts at the table”) will take place with local dishes, and plenty of romantic Italian atmosphere.
Verona TuttIntorno has accommodation packages for Valentine’s Day in Verona starting from 74 euros a person, including the Verona Card to visit the city’s attractions and a bottle of sparkling wine in the room.

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