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Milan richest city in Italy

Perhaps as no surprise to Italians, Milan has come out as the richest regional capital city in Italy and is 15th overall among rich councils, according to newspaper Sole24ore.
The news comes from analysis of the income and salary declarations of Italians.

While Milan is at the centre of the significant tax evasion in Italy, the 28,000 euros average is an extraordinary result, also given the socio-economics of the city.

The next city on the list of high salaries is Pavia, also in Lombardy.

The Milanese are therefore the richest in Italy, without counting tax evasors.
According to the newspaper, the Italians are the most numerous tax evasors in all of Europe, which also comes as no surprise.
Lombardy is the number one region in Italy for salaries and income, followed by councils such as Basiglio and Cusago, and Ayas in the Valle d’Aosta.

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