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Twilight saga: New Moon to be filmed in Montepulciano, not Volterra, as petition starts

The sequel to the “Twilight” film, “New Moon” should have been set, in part, in Volterra, Italy.
Writer of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, set the second chapter of the book in this town, but since then film makers have decided to move filming of New Moon to Montepulciano, apparently more picturesque.

Subsequently, a petition called I Love Volterra has been established to convince the producers to film in Volterra, faithful to the setting of the book.
Groups such as “New Moon Volterra” (put together by the Volterra council and tourism board) and the fan site “TwilightItalia” have recreated the events from the book that occur in Volterra, in the hope that filming will return to the town originally in the book.

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