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Health spas in Italy and weekend trips from Milan: Salsomaggiore Terme

Salsomaggiore Terme in Parma hosts the Miss Italy event every year, and so it can be expected to qualify as Italy’s temple to beauty and cathedral of good health.
Autumn in Italy is perfect for a trip to a health spa, and the Salsomaggiore Terme are perhaps the historic mecca for health spa enthusiasts here.

Over 4,000 square metres of beauty treatments and health spa services can be found here, from thermal showers to all types of massages (believe me they have everything).
The traditional building will give you a feeling of having an authentic Italian health spa experience and if you really want to indulge, hotel packages will give you deals for a weekend or overnight stay.

The Salsomaggiore Terme are located in Parma, not far from Milan, and have health spa packages ranging from one day to a whole week of pampering.
For details on what to book and how to get there, see the Salsomaggiore website.

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