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Lory del Santo eliminated from reality show "La Fattoria"

It’s not the first time that we talk about Lory del Santo, Eric Clapton’s ex girlfriend.
Only a few weeks ago she revealed her penchant for powerful politicians such as Giulio Andreotti, Italy’s sometime Prime Minister, and now after her participation in an Italian reality show called La fattoria or The Farm our colleagues over at Tv Blog have decided to dedicate a “Special” to the show.

Here is their description of what happened one night: 21:31.
Two participants play practical jokes on Lory del santo.
First on her bed which collapses, crashing to the floor and then with a booby trap filled with washing up liquid, but at this point the showgirl goes ballistic and says she has gone blind!Anyway the public must have not appreciated her “crazy performance” at all this because later in the evening she was eliminated from the show.

Despite her previous victory on another reality show, Lory del Santo had to leave The Farm for good.
The public picked Barbara Guerra over her and the poor girl had to bow her head and go! Lory del Santo & Barbara Guerra: reality deathmatch

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