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Restaurants in Umbria: Alla Via di Mezzo at Torre del Colle

I have just fallen in love with Torre del Colle, a picturesque hamlet in the heart of Umbria.
The place id idyllically situated, surrounded by rolling green hills and thousands of old olive trees which produce an amazing extra virgin olive oil! Last week as I was walking down one of its narrow streets, I came across a lovely restaurant called Alla via di mezzo.

On a whim I decided to have lunch there and for only 22 Euros I ate like a pig! The menu featured such classic entrees as pasta with gorgonzola and lasagne and the house specialities included grilled vegetable and delicious frittatas ( the restaurant also has a welcoming interior with an amiable, laid-back atmosphere) ! So if you are in Umbria, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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