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Kraski Pust: the amazing Slovenian carnival in Opicina, Trieste

I don’t know if you are familiar with Slovenian traditions.
To tell the truth I was not and when someone just a few days ago told me about the famous Kraski Pust or Slovenian carnival which each year takes place in Opicina, near Trieste, I felt rather ashamed and my face went all red! The enclosed video will show you a few images of this extraordinary event.

I’m sure you will have the strange feeling of being in some movie directed by Kusturica.
So if you want to experience something very different, Opicina is the place to be from 21st February onwards.
The masks and the allegorical floats will parade through the streets and visitors will have the rare opportunity to meet and mingle with a multiethnic crowd; thousands of people wearing masks representing Trieste,Valmura and Slovenia!

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