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Discovering Rome and its hidden treasures: Excubitorium in the Trastevere district

Today I’m going to take you on a rather fascinating journey eight metres below street level; down there we’ll in fact find the famous Excubitorium which in ancient times was a guardhouse; actually back then the soldiers who patrolled the area also served as firefighters.

These Cortes Vigilium were founded by the Emperor Augustus in 6th A.

D, but the Excubitorium complex as it is now known was brought back to life only during a series of excavations which took place in the Trastevere district between 1865 and 1866.

Sadly enough, for many years nobody paid attention to it, so many of its frescoes and works of art went down the drain! But thank heaven all buildings were restored in 1986 and people can now have the unique opportunity to visit the place and take a symbolical dive into roman history.
All visits should be booked in advance.
They usually take place on Saturdays around 15:00; prices range from 6,00 to 2,00 euros!PhotoWikipedia

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