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Fiat 500C Sardinia by Romeo Ferraris: open air motoring for summer

What better way to welcome summer than with a special edition Fiat 500C? This sexy little cabrio is particularly appropriate – designed by Romeo Ferraris, it’s called the Fiat 500C Sardinia.
With an emerald green tint it’s dedicated to Italy’s luxury Costa Smeralda, VIP and Italian celebrity destination for summer.

The external green tint of the bodywork is contrasted with the beige leather interior, meant to represent the sandy beaches of the coastline (that and the fact it looks good with green).
In addition, the interior features cork panelling, a material which comes from rare cork trees on the island.

50 units of the Fiat 500C Sardinia will be produced at a price currently undisclosed.
Romeo Ferraris Fiat 500C Sardinia

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