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Naples Italy's cheapest city

Naples has been named as Italy’s cheapest city after research carried out by Italy’s Istat statistics agency.
On the expensive side, Bolzano sits at the top, followed by Bologna and Milan as Italy’s most expensive cities.
The results are based on the cost of various food and goods, and have also been divided into categories.

If you’re interested to know, the cheapest city for clothes shopping in Italy is Campobasso, while the most expensive is Trieste, although the range is quite close.
In terms of housing and household expenses, Rome sits at the top, costing 12.

8 percent more than the average.
Health costs are more expensive in Ancona and Milan than anywhere else.
Generally speaking, the statistics won’t tell the Italians anything they don’t know already – it’s more expensive to live in the north and the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige, while expensive, is also rich and a reality a part from the rest of the country.
And anyone who’s slogging it out working and paying rent in Bologna, Milan and Rome….

good luck!

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