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Day trips from Milan: Savogno, Val Bregaglia 's ghost town

Ghost towns have always fascinated me, so just a few days ago I visited Savogno, a picturesque village in Val Bregaglia, not too far from Sondrio in Lombardy.
To reach the deserted village (only few family still live there) from Piuro I took a beautiful path which starts just beneath the Acqua Fraggia Falls and climbs through the woods.

There are 3,000 steps leading to the lost village which lies at 932 metres above sea level.
Alternatively you can take the other path, but the ascent will be difficult anyway, so don’t forgot to put on your mountaineering boots.
With its houses falling to pieces and spooky atmosphere, Savogno looks like a strange but lovely postcard someone left lying in a drawer for years.
The place has a Facebook page, take a look!

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