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The Official Ferrari Opus book with diamonds costs $275,000

Let’s just say that Ferrari is like no other Italian brand – it combines high performance motorsports and luxury accessories and seems to have no problems doing so.
The Official Ferrari Opus book is a case in point.
The hefty book starts with a base model costing 4,100 USD.

It has 852 pages and a total of 2,000 photographs and while a very exclusive Ferrari accessory with just 4,100 copies being produced, you might want to consider using it as a weight – it weighs about 37 kg and is about 50 cm tall.

The Ferrari Opus is bound in red leather and comes in a carbon fibre case.
Each copy has been signed by Ferrari F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.
If you want to spend more than those four thousand dollars, you’ll have to upgrade to the Cavallino Rampante edition which contains a random selection of important Ferrari autographs.
Only 500 copies of it will be made and it costs 7,000 USD.
Those previous two books start to pale in comparison to the rest of the Ferrari Opus collection pieces.
The Enzo edition contains signatures from living Ferrari World Champions on a single silver-foiled sheet.

400 copies will be available at a price of 37,500 USD.
But if that’s still not exclusive enough, get your wallet out for the diamond-studded Prancing Horse edition – after the jump.
This model has 30 diamonds on the front in the shape of the prancing horse and only 30 will be made.
At a price of 275,000 USD only one will be sold in any one country.
com suggests that at this price, you should just by the real thing – that is, an actual Ferrari car – but purchasers of this model go into a draw to win a replica of a Michael Schumacher-driven F1 car.

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