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Carnival in Italy: Carnevale dei Popoli, Genoa

The Carnival, which every year takes place in Genoa, was rechristened many years ago as Carnevale dei Popoli or the Carnival of the Peoples; on this very special occasion the city seems to regain its pivotal role as one of the most important cultural centres of the Mediterranean.

This year the two-week-long event (5-20 February) has a spectacularly interesting programme which includes concerts and dance shows promoted by local schools and ballet companies ( every work will contain various elements of world music ).

In addition to all this, the nine boroughs which are part of the city of Genoa will be twinned with other towns and villages in the Mediterranean area.
Created to foster the exchange and appreciation of diverse cultural traditions, the Carnevale dei Popoli attracts more than 120,000 people every year.

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