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After Naomi Letizia: Berlusconi for Nobel Peace Prize

In a bid to rid Berlusconi of a lecherous image created by the Naomi Letizia scandal, his supporters are seeking a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the Italian prime minister.
The reason would be that Berlusconi saved lives in helping to end violence in Russia and Georgia.

Apparently Berlusconi, endowed with “Italian gifts” of mediation and a close friendship with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would be ideal for the prize, not won by an Italian since 1907.

The Berlusconi for Nobel group is ignoring the hiatus caused by Veronica Lario filing for a divorce from her husband, the Naomi Letizia scandal and more recent court moves to prevent the publication of photographs of guests at Berlusconi’s many pool parties in stages of undress, as they would violate the prime minister’s privacy.

It looks like they will have their work cut out for them.

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